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We are well equipped with latest technologies and machineries to offer best products / equipments.

Sr. No. Description Capacity Quantity
1 Inverter with Tig Torch BIM Make, 250 Amp, 3 Phase 1
2 Inverter with Big body water cooling system BIM Make, 400 Amp, 3 Phase 2
3 Radial Drill Machine JP Make, Drill up to 38 mm 1
4 Magnetic Drill Machine KPT Make, Drill up to 23 mm 1
5 Hand Grinder 4″ Dewalt 2
6 Hand Grinder 5″ Dewalt 1
7 Hand Grinder 7″ Dewalt 4
8 Bench Grinder 8″ BIM 1
9 Chapsaw 14″ Dewalt 1
10 Polishin Trolley Prakash 1

Pilot Plant Facilities

Some products, especially sticky, hygroscopic or very sensitive and hard to handle powders require Pilot Plant facility for understanding its behavior during drying.

Pilot Plants allow gaining valuable information and drying experience when faced with a new product or a new plant which allows intensive investigation into the technology as associated with a new product before investing into a full scale industrial installation.

Through research and reports shree Krishna will advise in the selection of the correct size of Plant suitable for your needs and the eventual requirements overall.