Rotary Dryers

We are engaged as one of the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of Rotary Dryers using a quality material. These are mainly used to dry non food and non heat sensitive items like Silica Sand for foundry, Ferrite, Agglomerated product drying and slag in steel industry. Braveries DDGS Drying and many other applications.

General spray drying applications for :

  • Chemical Industries : Salts, Phosphates, Metal sludge, Soda ash, Silica, Carbon black.
  • Petrochemical Industries : Polymers, PVC, HDPE, PTA.
  • Mineral Industries : Clay, Fireclay, Coal, Limestone, Axonove, Sand, Slag etc.
  • Foundry : Sand , Virgin Sand Drying , Heating and Cooling etc
  • Braveries : Most Suitable for DDGS Drying