About Us

Shree Krishna TechMech Pvt. Ltd. is the engineering based company come to exist for the firm and the calculated Engineering solutions, basically in the field of the Thermal equipment, Process equipment, Drying Equipment, Incinerators, Environmental friendly pollution free equipment like Pulse jet bag houses, Gas Cleaning Plants, Dust & Fumes extraction systems, Gas coolers, Ventury Scrubber, Cyclones, Rotary Valves, Screw Conveyors, Ribbon Blenders & Pneumatic Conveying Systems.

Many of the Engineering based company manufacture the equipment generally in the standard form, but our company is solely inspired to manufacture the equipment to suit to the customer’s final requirement.

Shree Krishna TechMech Pvt. Ltd. offers integrated systems to the industries such as Steel, Cement, Sponge Iron, Ferro Alloys, Minerals processing, Foundries, Automobiles, Plastics, Chemicals, Floor mills, Food Processing, Grain Processing, Agrochemicals, Breweries, Dairies, Fertilisers, Pharmaceuticals, Seed handling, Solvent oil, Sugar, Textiles, etc.

While designing the equipment we always consider the final application of the product, chemical / physical properties, and mechanical properties of the product which has proved the easy equipment adoption for the purpose and yields long life. After sales service is the most important factor and is always sidelined by the other engineering company, M/s. Shree Krishna Engineering, considering the nerve and the importance of the same has made it topmost priority.

Experienced staff is our strength and manufacture the typical equipment to suit to the final.

Rather, we come for the rescue when other standard methodology fails for the Engineering practices.

BSI Certificate

We are always ready to invent the new process equipment by adopting the typical process study and pursuance.